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<-<>----------{::[> Welcome (--

Welcome to BackGrounds! BackGrounds is a deviantART group dedicated to showcasing quality wallpapers that deviantARTists have to offer.  BackGrounds is a community where deviantARTists can contribute their art, have it displayed in our gallery, and have many other talented deviantARTists constructively evaluate it.  In addition, BackGrounds is offering a collection of resources, which are useful items contributed by fellow deviantART members to assist you in you wallpaper contruction. These resources range from tutorials, to actual files containing pre-made objects, to links to other wallpaper and photograph sites.

<-<>----------{::[> POSITIONS AVAILABLE (--

We are seeking staff to carry out a number of different roles for BackGrounds.  If you feel you'd like to become a staff member and help out, I urge you to read the contents of this journal entry which will provide you with everything you need to know.

We are also looking for some more admins.  Admins will do week shifts.  One week on, two weeks off.  Of course, they can 'work' during other's shifts if they really would like to, in addition to the other.  I'll also handle a week's shift, but will visit (hopefully) every day to make sure things run well.  I'll also handle the new recruits solely myself.. perhaps.

Just a note though.  The position you will be applying for will be a trail position.  You job title will be "Trainee-Admin".  That restricts you to not doing things I ask you not to.  This is just while I get a feel for everyone, and will change pretty soon.  I'll then promote the Trainees to one of two groups after this trial preiod (if of course I feel they will make a good admin).  They will either be "Sub-Admins" or "Admins".  Another name for the Subs that you will recognise from online communities that use BBSs (bulliten board systems) would be 'Moderators'.  If you get promoted to the "Admins" team, you'll be basically off the leash because I trust your judgements.  And you will have a vital role in building this group.  Also, your ideas and such will hold a little more weight ;- ).  But of course, you will still be 'requested' to converse with me on things you might consider important (ie, changing my beautiful formating 8- |  ).  
Oh, and when it's your shift, you get to do the choosing of the BGWD (Weekly Deviations)

Anyway, if you are interested, please note me at this account ASAP.  If I don't know you, let me know a bit about you, skills etc.,

<-<>--------{::[> Headlines (--

)> 100 100 Deviations level achieved
)> We have new Member Updater - Tonex!
)> We have hit the 1200 page-view mark
)> Our first BGWD has been annouced!  (BackGrounds' Weekly Deviation)

<-<>----------{::[> NEWS (--

100 Deviations level achieved

As you can see now our gallery has even more than 100
wallpapers that can make your desktop feel quite well and
please you as well. Though our group was established only
some months ago it does its work very well and we do
everything to make our members satisfied. Hope, that such
start will be only the bottom of our community's success on
its way to the very top. So, thanks to all members and staff
who try to make backgrounds even better than it is!

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What do you feel is the most important things to take into consideration when making a wallpaper?

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hey visit my gallery wont cha
it dosent disapoint
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how do you join?
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I was wondering if i was worthy enough to be in the background?
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What an amazing community with gifted artists! I'm buying a laptop next week and I'll definitely be watching you folks to get all the best wallpapers! They seriously kick ass!
backgrounds Featured By Owner May 9, 2005
That's perfect!
backgrounds Featured By Owner May 9, 2005
That's perfect!
jumomo Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2005
Interesting club pals ;)
dadflys Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2005   Digital Artist
As Always!
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Ok, peeps, your new admin starts his shift in some hours :aww:
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